A robot
as good as
the human body

A Daring Vision

The human body is a marvel of engineering:
it’s dexterous, strong, soft, and even self-repairing. Just imagine what a robot with these qualities could do for us! Therefore, the goal of the
Roboy project is simple:
build a humanoid robot,
just as good as the human body.

Applications like no other

Medical Applications

The first clinically relevant musculoskeletal system – test prostheses, implants and more with biologically plausible interactions.

Tele Presence

The future will be anywhere, anytime. Roboy technology promises more natural telepresence because of its biologically inspired dynamic behaviour.


Working with a robot? As humans we have a natural understanding how other humans work – so a robot just like a human body will be easier to work with than those rigid industrial robots.

A unique enterprise

Part non-profit company, part research lab, we create an open platform for robot development imitating the human body that unites researchers, companies, students and artists from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Roboy is full-stack robotics: from mechanics, to electronics, to control, to cognitive systems. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and we work on all levels – to make roboy a truly intelligent solution

Elements of Success

Roboy’s success rests on three fundamental pillars – its interdisciplinary team, its access to the technologies of tomorrow and its processes to keep changing as fast as technology. Learn more:


A bold vision requires an excellent interdisciplinary team.


Roboy is at the forefront of what is possible. Explore how we use it!


A fast changing product requires a framework to handle it: TAF Agile Framework.

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