Alpha to Omega

         a robot needs a body



Roboy still has multiple issues and bugs that need to be worked on. We will find them and we will fix them. We are the exterminators 🙂

Our Goal

   this semester we want…

build a test bench for testing Roboy’s body parts
create a functional neck, so that Roboy is able to look at the person he is talking to
build a strong hand for Roboy


         how we did it

test bench

The test bench is purposed for stress testing the several motors and body parts already built into Roboy, as well as the motors and parts still being constructed. For these tests, the bench is equipped with multiple sensors to closely measure and record the effects on the motor and connected parts, over the longer time. The bench is placed inside a server rack, currently located in the Roboy room. This cabinet was chosen out of safety reasons, since it is planned to put up to 50kg of weight onto, for example, the arm of Roboy. If anything breaks or snaps it could break off dangerous projectiles. 

Strong Finger

Anatomical Purpose:

  • Grasping oriented functional design-maximization of the force of the hand
  • Strength to hold things up to 10 kg
  • An optimized range of movement (downscaling of the actual 20 DOF in the human hand )for grasping
  • Different configurations of grasping (cylindrical, spherical, lateral) → realization of different ways of grasping 

Mechatronic Functionality:

Maximization of the “outcome force of the hand” (a distinction between intrinsic hand forces and hand-wrist force), while minimizing the number of actuators

articulated Neck

The articulated neck has a balljoint with 3 degrees of freedom for rotational motion. It is powered by several cable motors.

The range of the motions are as follows:

Yaw: +/- 30°

Pitch: +/- 15°

Roll: +/- 15°


roboy can now…

look at persons

look at persons

with his new functional neck prototype 

lift up heavy things

lift up heavy things

with his new finger prototype

Test bench is ready

Test bench is ready

tests can start soon

The Team

get to know the alpha to omega team

Team members SS2018

Jürgen Lippl (Team Lead)
Michael Zintl (Agile Coach)
Daniel Suckfüll
Julius Imbery
Katharina Hermann
Seoung-Hyeon Ham

Where to go next

for the test bench & the stronger hand

Test Bench

  • Security measures (door)
  • Tests
  • Sensors
  • Publish to the internet (remote monitoring)

Stronger Hand

  • Improving the finger

  • Building a reliable test basis

  • Testing the concept

  • Making it modular