Xylophone Recording

aka xylophone hero™


the whole scope of xylophone hero


The goal of this project is about capturing somebody playing xylophone in virtual reality. Processing the recording and then sending it to the real Roboy, so that he can play the same notes.

Our Goal

this semester we want…

xylophone playing in VR

a song system with cassettes

generate & send midi messages


         how we did it

Roboy is the master of the xylophone. Using Unity, we built a playground in virtual reality with fascinating environment and a Guitar Hero like song system, in which you can play the xylophone, be the Xylophone Hero yourself and master the skills of a true musician. The notes and timings are not only recorded and saved in midi files, but also streamed to the real robot via Midi Bridge and ROS Bridge so that he knows what to play. And remember to keep your ears up and chant, there might be some encore.


what we achieved

Roboy plays the xylophone in VR

Roboy plays the xylophone in VR

very smooth and fluent
Play the song system with cassettes

Play the song system with cassettes

so much fun to play with!

generate & send midi message

generate & send midi message

The Team

get to know the xylophone recording team

Team members SS2018

Daniel Lorencic (Team Lead)
Egor Shevdin (Team Lead)
Michael Zintl (Agile Coach)
Arash Kiani
Ludwig Pusl
Yupei Cai

Where to go next

the future is not far away

  • Midi over network tighter integration
  • More fancy environments
  • Make environments interactive
  • Enhanced song system (high scores, multiplayer…)
  • Use Roboy head camera
  • Tracking suite